Flare Stack/Incinerator Ignition Systems

ACL provides a complete line of flare stack ignition systems which include a self-powered shot tube ignitor to a fully retractable automatic continuous pilot which operates at a 12-24VDC voltage supply.

ACL 3200 Flare Stack Ignition System

The ACL 3200 Ignition System can be used on any flare stack system. It's ignitor can be mounted directly onto a trolley system providing a fully retractable pilotless ignition.


ACL - 3200 - Flare Stack Ignition System - Spec Sheet
Installation Manual for the ACL3200 Flare Stack / Incinerator Ignition Systems
Modbus Manual for the ACL3200 Controller

ACL 4000 Flare Stack Ignitor

The ACL 4000 Flare Stack Ignitor is a safe and cost effective means of lighting all types of flare stacks. It does not require any source of power. The ignitor consists of a piezo ignitor, spark rod, a fuel/air mixer and flame arrestor. To light the gases at the stack tip, simply open the fuel gas valve and allow the shot tube to fill with the air/fuel mixture then press the ignition button. The flame ignites at the bottom and travels up the stack through a 2" line to the flare tip. This system is ideal for flare systems with a continuous pilot or manually operated flare stacks.


ACL - 4000 - Flare Stack Ignitor - Spec Sheet
ACL - 4000 - Flare Stack Ignitor - Manual