ACL combustors are a patented high volume combustion device with up to 1,800,000 scf/d (high pressure) or 100,000 scf/d (low pressure) flow rate capacity for destroying fugitive emissions: tank, casing, or vent gas vapors. Higher volume high pressure combustion can be achieved with taller than standard stacks.

All sizes of combustor meet or exceed the US EPA NSPS 40 CFR Part 60, Subpart 0000 (Quad “O”) regulatory emission limits. They have been measured to have high pressure destruction efficiency greater than 98% and low pressure destruction efficiency greater than 99.9%.

ACL combustors supports full destruction of a wide gas pressure range from 0.09 psi to 120 psi and the patented full stainless steel burner assembly is extremely stable at a wide range of flow rates, down to 1.5oz/in2

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