ACL Solenoid Driver

ACL Combustion Inc. has developed a new device to reduce the power consumption of all solenoids. The ACL-SD line of solenoid drivers will increase the life of your solenoids, reduce current draw and eliminate any heat generated by the solenoids. These solenoid drivers can reduce power consumption on a standard solenoid from 9.5 Watts down to 0.2 Watts. ACL's proprietory technology provides for a uniquely small device which is totally encapsulated to fit in any box or control panel.

CSA Approved


ACL Solenoid Driver Spec Sheet


ACL Ignition System
ACL 100 Portable Torch

The ACL 100 Portable Torch is a cost effective, safe and reliable means of igniting all forms of line heaters, burners etc. The unit is available in any length up to four feet. The heavy duty piezo ignitor allows for instant start up with the push of a button. Ideal for field operators and mechanics, as it eliminates the need for the unsafe "rag on stick" method of ignition.


ACL 100 Hand Held Ignitor